The Nappy Lady

Who is The Nappy Lady?

Years ago I was given the title of ‘The Nappy Lady’ during a TV interview. Since then, The Nappy Lady has taken me places I never expected.

I used to be the ultimate consumer and master waste producer. Since having my son Daniel in 2005 I have since become a waste free parenting warrior...promoting waste free alternatives for lots of different products including nappies.

I don't sell anything...I work as an advocate for the earth, a consultant to councils, an educator for parents and expecting parents and work on continuing to provide a website that provides non-biased advice and information through the generous sponsorship I get from different companies who believe in my cause.

I specialize in providing information and advice to parents interested in waste free parenting and with a special focus on using cloth nappies.

I have been a guest speaker at parent and child shows, I regularly write for baby magazines and have been on programs' such as Good Morning, Breakfast and National News to educate parents about the effect their choices at home have on the environment and promote cloth nappies.

Every year I also co-ordinate and run International Cloth Nappy Week here in New Zealand and have gained a massive following of supportive parents who are ready and willing to assist other parents in using cloth nappies.

Often we believe we need to change everything to make a difference, in the long term this is true but in the short term it seems too hard. What we forget is that if we all just make a small seemingly insignificant change every day the results will be hugely significant. It is the old saying...Take care of the pennys and the pounds will look after themselves....

If you would like some advice or have any questions, I would love to hear from you!

I hope to see you at a workshop near you soon for more nappy info and to see and feel the nappies for yourself. In the meantime, enjoy the website and if you have any further questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Happy Nappying,

Kate Meads
The Nappy Lady

P: (07) 213 0767
M: (027) 22 11 242

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