All in One Nappies

Just like a disposable but washable

  • A One piece cloth nappy system (The liner is optional)
  • All of the nappy components are sewn together so it is all in one piece
  • Very convenient because you only have one piece to put on baby
  • A popular style with dads, grandparents and daycares


  • No Folding Required - the liner, absorbent layers and waterproof outer are all sewn together.
  • Single Containment Layer - so a snug fit is essential.
  • 1 - 4 Sizes of All in One – depending on brand
  • One Size fits most nappies - are available in some brands


  • Liner if included - Synthetic - Generally Fleece or Suede cloth
  • Inner Absorbent Layers - Natural, Synthetic or a combination of fabrics
  • Waterproof Outer / Cover - PUL (Laminated Polyester)

More Info:

All in ones are by far the most convenient nappy because they are a one-piece nappy.

They are often the most preferred nappy with Dads and day-cares because they are so easy to use. All in ones were always known to be slow to dry. There is no doubt that some of them still are slow to dry but most brands are now using modern technology to build faster drying nappies, so look for faster drying nappies if you can.

They can be a bit more expensive per nappy but that is because you are getting a nappy and a cover in every nappy. All in one’s make great day nappies because they are so easy to put on but they are not a popular night nappy because they are not as absorbent as some of the other styles of nappies available.

Tip: Great for Dads and Daycare because they are just like using a disposable nappy