Boosters/Inserts for Cloth Nappies


Boosters are used to provide additonal absorbency. Boosters may also be known as inserts or doublers.

One of the advantages of using cloth nappies (as compared to using disposable nappies) is that you can adjust the absorbency of any cloth nappy by adding in extra fabric in the form of a booster.

A booster is normally a three layered pad that can be make out of any absorbent fabric. Some have a fleece top on them to give a stay dry layer against babys skin.

Boosters are generally used at night time to add absorbency to the nappy extending the nappies overall capacity.

Some parents will never need to use them because they achieve enough absorbency from the nappy, where as others will use a booster or two as part of their night time nappy combination.