Fitted Nappies

A highly absorbent nappy

  • A two piece cloth nappy system (3 pieces if you are using a liner)
  • The Fitted Nappy is the absorbent part and the wrap / Cover is the waterproof part.
  • 100% bomb proof against newborn explosions
  • Often comes with a booster which provides extra absorbent layers


  • No Folding Required.
  • Double Containment Layer - provides a good fit on all baby shapes.
  • 1 or 2 Sizes of Fitted Nappy
  • One Size fits most fitted nappies - are available in some brands
  • 2 - 3 sizes in Cover / Wrap


  • Fitted Nappy - Cotton, Bamboo, Synthetic or combinations.
  • Waterproof Outer / Cover - PUL (Laminated Polyester), Fleece or Wool.

More Info:

A fitted nappy is one where the nappy has elastic around the waist and legs of the nappy which is why it is called a fitted nappy then the cover / wrap goes over the top.

A fitted nappy combined with the correct size cover / wrap could be expected to last around 4+ hours and with additional boosters / inserts should be able to easily last overnight. They often contain runny newborn poo better than other nappy styles including disposable because it uses a Separate cover which provides a second leak guard. They are generally the most absorbent nappies for night times because of their booster layers.

If you are using pre-fold nappies, you can use the same covers over top of a fitted nappy. Also with fitted nappies you only need 1 waterproof cover to every 5 fitted nappies.

Tip: If the waterproof outer is clean when you change the nappy you can keep re-using it over and over again by just putting on a clean fitted nappy.