Cloth Nappies... Where do I start?

Not sure where to start and how to decide which nappies are best for your baby? 

Through this video Kate will help you understand how to get started with cloth nappies.

What are THE STYLES?

Done too much research?  Confused about the different styles?  This video will show you the different styles. 

Kate will take you through the different styles and explain how they are different from each other.

There are 5 styles of Cloth Nappies:

Pre-Fold Nappy Pre-Fold Nappies

Basic Cloth Nappies
Snap In / Pop In Nappy Snap In / Pop In Nappies

Fast Drying Cloth Nappy
Pocket Nappy Pocket Nappies

Fast Drying Cloth Nappies
Fitted Nappy Fitted Nappies

High performance Cloth Nappies
All in One Nappy All in One Nappies

Very convenient nappies

Other Information: