Baby Food
Packaging and Waste

This was something we became aware of when we started Daniel on Solids. Nine years ago baby food came in Cans or Jars. They were both recyclable. Nowadays parents face a lot more waste with the new baby food pouches. They are a one-use item that is not recyclable, even though they have a plastic identification number on them.

This is actually a very new waste stream that councils have to deal with. When you think about it, if you were feeding your baby full time with food pouches, you may go through 3 pouches per day. That is 1095 pouches per year for one baby.

Where as if you brought your food in bulk or even better, made it yourself and stored it in reusable containers in the freezer, you would save a huge amount of money and reduce a massive amount of un-necessary packaging waste from ending up in a landfill.

There are lots of reusable baby food packaging options. Plastic containers like Sistema or Tupperware will be used hundreds of times. Or you may be interested in some of the newer options like reusable food pouches that can be used 40 - 50 times instead of only once.

If you have never done it before, making baby food is actually really easy. When they are little obviously it is very runny food like a boiled up pumpkin or apple which are both super easy to make.

When they are older you can literally make your own meal, like spaghetti bolognaise and pop a portion of it in the food processor and wiz it up and you have a home made baby meal. There are loads of really great recipes online.

Baby Food