AWWA period underwear
AWWA period underwear

AWWA period panties look and feel just like your normal underwear, but hold and absorb up to two regular tampons' worth of blood. Our rigorously tested NZ designed period underwear features: AWWA period underwear

  • innovative super slim fabric - no bulky layers here!
  • a super-absorbent layer to hold and absorb your flow
  • an anti-microbial layer that uses the latest fabric technology to prevent odours
  • a soft layer closest to your skin to draw moisture away fast, ensuring you remain dry and feel fresh
  • an outer layer to provide a leak-resistant barrier
  • flattering cuts that fit comfortably but firmly to help prevent spills, and feel stylish and sleek

Depending on your flow, you choose to wear AWWA period underwear as an alternative to pads, tampons or cups, or in conjunction with other menstrual products. Whatever works for you is great with us!

By choosing AWWA period underwear, you're helping to reduce the massive number of single-use menstrual products that end up in landfills (over 350 million in New Zealand every year!).

Plus you're helping to end period poverty in New Zealand. We donate 5% of all our reusable period underwear to charities.

AWWA period underwear